1337Umbra is an alias formed by the author alias as chuhei or Zhuxi during between 2015-2017. It was no meaning until being chosen during a game of dimension of damned finale aka that glitchy game by Jagex® then converted the alias as domain. Now, in Runescape®, just barely be able to make some passive coins while on offical business.
In some traditional practises, one project, one brand, one concern better be with suitable domains or having hard times. For the time being, .com is the easiest and the deadlist available while some companies such as Audi®, according to IANA, she has her own domain, even .com is taken, she still withstand, of course, she keeps paying money for .com if the database maintain fee is more than her own root name. There is a loser, which is Nissan Motor, has .nissan while datsun® .com is mainly for America Market. Of course, the fee can be the most expensive as you need to get all the countries right, or You need to get something, especially Registered brand at least like Canada,USA, EU, Russia, China(Macau,Hong Kong, Taiwan and the mainland), ASEAN and high reputation before IANA considers your suffix name application so to simpify the thing, ASK verisign® or her minions like godaddy® , GET THE DAMN DONE.
After that, I am acting as samaritan to see if someone has forgotten something, especially , aiming something too much and ignoring the dangerous, I have warned them and pretend to give up what I have on hand to close cases. At a moment, there are nine domains which has conditions as they have meaning, while there are three declared thanks and am told no need even I have warned the dangerous.